Thursday, February 11, 2016

Just started Dean Koontz Frankenstein...

Normally, you read reviews after the reviewer reads the entire novel and offers criticism and praise.  But I thought it might be an interesting premise to write my review as I read, giving an impression from time to time as to how the story and writing influences me.

That being said, the writing lacks the normal style I associate with a Koontz story.  His characters are always so rich and the dialogues and interactions so vibrant.  I always feel privileged to sit in on his characters moments.  They seem so intimate and monumentally simple, yet vitally important all at the same time.

The first chapter in Frankenstein introduces what I assume is the main character and hints many special and interesting traits he has.  (Spoiler alert) First of all, he's 200 years old. That is the only spoiler you can expect.

I will say this, however, my initial impression is that the story does not draw me in like my other favorite Koontz stories.  I don't feel like I 'Have To' finish it.  There are five books in the series, which is also a daunting number.  

Now keep in mind, I've read the Dark Tower saga and I even read Shogun, both of which take quite an attention commitment.  But Stephen King weaves an amazing tapestry of interesting characters and storylines in all his books.  And Clavell's Shogun while epically long (1152 pages) painted such rich settings and characters, I was hypnotized from the first page.

It should be interesting how I react to the next chapter.  I'm looking forward to this project.


  1. Shogun ranks among my favorites. Have never read anything by Koontz although Ann seems to enjoy him. Do you have a particular Koontz you recommend?

  2. Kire,

    I wish I were you right now, because you get to read Lightning by Dean Koontz for the first time! It is one of my favorite books of all time. I even re-read it this summer and it was just as fantastic, because I had forgotten so many elements. Go to the library as soon as you can and get that book and read it immediately. You will not be sorry. Lightning is epically good my friend.

  3. Just requested it. Can't wait for it to come in. Thanks for the recommendation.