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I hope you enjoy my musings, but my feelings won't be hurt if you don't.

If you do like what you see, check out some of my writing:

The Darkness A Young Adult Dystopian story.  Here's the jacket blurb:

A virus decimated the entire planet's human population.  No treatment or vaccine could be found, so contractionmeant death.

Humanity was forced to seek refuge in hermetically sealed self-sustaining bunkers, commonly referred to as 'biospheres'. After the world's power grid failed, survivors managed to establish a global satellite communications network, which allowed them to weave together a digital facsimile of their once thriving, but now extinct way life.

The disease, however, remained active and continued to spread, despite the survivors best intentions and inexhaustible precautions. It was therefore commonplace for connections to become broken. The people of the network began to call the silence that inevitably came at the end of the lineThe Darkness.

No one returned when The Darkness came to call.

Until now.

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